Thursday, April 15, 2010


here is something i want to share

i heard it from my uncles on the way to Johore
it is a story of their friend
a married couple to be exact

so the story goes:

the married cuople are heading back to Kota Baru in Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur
mode of transportation: by plane
therefore for sure the went to the KLIA for their flight
using AIR ASIA service for their server

the flight was fine the whether is great and fime for departure
so they went into their flight and take their seat and follow what ever the stewardess ask them to do
and they are off flying to Kota Baru

the story seems normal so far isn't?

here is the catch:

the plane landed and the passenger went out to hall and the couple do the same
then the wife said to the husband in malay:

"eh! bang! dah cantik airport Kota Bharu dah ye?"

the husband replied back

"eh! betol la cakap awak. dulu kelapa sawit jer banyak"

the truth is;
when the were about to land to Kota Bharu
the wheather went from OK to BAD
the plane cannot land that time so the caiptain were force to turn back and manuver back to KLIA

the couple presume it was Kota Baru airport
but they are actually back from where they came.
the flight were delayed

poor them.
it tickles me when i heard this story.
i guess the couple had long since they visited Kota Baru airport that they forget what it looks like before.

i guess when they found out the truth they also burst into laughter too


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