Friday, April 30, 2010

Kick out!

I was kick from my own room! Damn it!


The family member suddenly came pouring in tonight.
We don't got enough room for them, so i got to give in my room

In the end,
The couch is my new bed.
(i actually sleep my my parent's room)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sincere in Heart

TRUTH- i miss my friends damn much, my buddies.

LIE- that i dont even care what happen to them

but here is the thing;
since I've bee home I fell more relax and calmer
not much to think about
but the boredom still gets me though

I'll take this time to recosider my life and change.

To much..




IF NOT..."

is it me or I'm hearing this quiet a lot really.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Disebabkan petang tadi sudah lama tidur

Akibat tidak tahu nak buat apa
Duduk rumah kebosanan
Jadi tidurlah kerja aku

Aku mengalami kesukaran untuk tidur malam ini.

Apa aku nak buat??

Tengok TV?

Sudah penat asyik tatap TV.

T.T" huhuhu......

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I miss the laudness of my friends when they shout
their laughter when we make jokes of others
share stories no one else can know
mock each other heads off
singing in the toilet while we are scrubbing shampoo on our heads
chasing people up and down the block

time surely flies by lighting fast


here is something i want to share

i heard it from my uncles on the way to Johore
it is a story of their friend
a married couple to be exact

so the story goes:

the married cuople are heading back to Kota Baru in Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur
mode of transportation: by plane
therefore for sure the went to the KLIA for their flight
using AIR ASIA service for their server

the flight was fine the whether is great and fime for departure
so they went into their flight and take their seat and follow what ever the stewardess ask them to do
and they are off flying to Kota Baru

the story seems normal so far isn't?

here is the catch:

the plane landed and the passenger went out to hall and the couple do the same
then the wife said to the husband in malay:

"eh! bang! dah cantik airport Kota Bharu dah ye?"

the husband replied back

"eh! betol la cakap awak. dulu kelapa sawit jer banyak"

the truth is;
when the were about to land to Kota Bharu
the wheather went from OK to BAD
the plane cannot land that time so the caiptain were force to turn back and manuver back to KLIA

the couple presume it was Kota Baru airport
but they are actually back from where they came.
the flight were delayed

poor them.
it tickles me when i heard this story.
i guess the couple had long since they visited Kota Baru airport that they forget what it looks like before.

i guess when they found out the truth they also burst into laughter too


That Particular Day

i told myself this

"don't cry damn it!"

it goes smoothly at first
every departure i manage to back a smile and a hand wave saying good bye or see you very soon

but when it come to this one friend of mine i just can't help it.
he is one of the first i meet there in KMM
and once one of the closest
i adore him as a friend
thought me many things
i wish we didin't have that stupid argument of some sort
i wasted a lot of time being selfish

so when i say him left i keep myself from sheding any tears
but honestly i my heart-tears had shed way to many for one even can count

because that could be the last time i will see luqmal hadi

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"i loiter with a smile"


sebentar tadi jam 2.42, 13.04.2010
saya terharu terlihat blog seorang rakan

kenangan terkumpul.
seolah-olah baru semalam kami semua bekenalan.
dan esok nya kami terpaksa berpisah.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


retak kali ini bukan lah fasal retak rumahtangga atau persahabatan dan seumpama degannya.
retak disini dimaksudkan dengan kaca mata yang terjatuh suatu masa dahulu(minggu lepas) akibat kerakusan diri aku sendiri.

tengah berada dalam minggu peperiksaan, ada pula musibah menimpa.

ini ujian. sabar lah.
kuatkan semangat, terus maju kehadapan.
insyAllah akan ada ganjaran dari yang Maha Berkuasa.
(aku sudah tidak maksudkan kaca mata lagi)

yakni kaca mata yang retak(sayu)

Monday, April 5, 2010


today is our first day of having the last damn exam in this so called KMM
so we got two papers today,

ENGLISH paper 1
(50 question for 2 hours??!!!)

BIOLOGY paper 1
(this paper is quite challenging plus confusing)

so today is at that only.
let bygone be bygone.
whatever the outcome we just need to bare with it.

so tommorow,
like my friend said

"alah, esok BI jer kowt"

yup, tommorrow we only got english
but yet we don't have to take it so lightly.
english is still on the list of paper we need to take.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


02:02 a.m

i can't sleep as early AS usual.
usually when the clock strike 12 I have already laying on bed getting ready to shut those heavy eyes.

but tonight I have problem sleeping early...

is it because I already sleep that evening(by evening i mean yesterday's evening)

or is it the SUGAR RUSH