Friday, March 12, 2010


this month have been so swamped for me,
so much to do, so much things to cover,
so much stuff to remember.

recently its my friend's birthday;

one birthday i remember but i don't have the courage to wish my friend face to face and give his present to him directly(we got our complication)

one birthday is my 'abg kembar' a.k.a azri, i mistaken his birthday!!
i thought it was on the 11th but sadly it's on the 10th!
( i never mistaken a friends birthday before)

and two more birthday i never manage to wish on time...
not because i forgotten but i don't know how to reach them.
( sorry fithot and hifni- happy birthday-10 march- i love all of you)

my final is near.
approximate of 3 weeks left(less than that)
but we got jazz chant and a trip to the zoo and etc.
somewhat im confuse, am i learning or im in some school trip all the time??
(BTW we got the 9th place for our jazz chant-it's okay at least we're not the last)

spm candidates for 2009 got there exams result yesterday(11.3.2010)
i heard of many of my juniors pass with flying colours and some do not.
but don't worry, it is not the end of the world just yet!
keep on miving foward!

so that is march for me...
there is still a few days more in march..
we'll see how it goes as time flies by.

hopefully it will get better and better


adilah said...

fithot is on my blog u can reach her..i've her fb but mine is been deactivate for awhile..cari lar..fatin diyana..

Hafiy Halim said...

thankz adilah