Friday, March 19, 2010


It had been a fun day so far during that time,
WE were sitting at the back( me,izzat,amin) of the kancil
while syamilla driving

(FYI, it is not because we guys do not want to drive, it is just we have never driven a car just yet, we were busy at collage-and they did not allow student to drove any kind of vehicle)

we're were on our way back,

me and izzat back to matriculation

amin back to seremban

and syamilla and her friend back home

the day were all fine and all



a car(PROTON WAJA) i presume because i did not quiet notice the car because of my position in the car.
it was driven by a old indian couple.

it was there fault obviosly!
we had show them that we are tyrning left that time(syamilla in this matter la)
but the couple were in a hurry i guess
(maybe one of them need to went to the toilet-nature calls)

they just went dasing to the same path as we do.
and their car clash with ours as we were at that time are turning left too

syamilla panics and jush speed trough the road.
but th couple stop their car

i were perplex that time.
they were the one who bumped us but why did syamilla drove away??

anyway, our kancil got scratch by the front left side of the car
(that kancil was a car lend by an old lady syamilla found- so this means we were in trouble in a way or another).

   the poor kancil

so that so called fine day turn out to be a shocking one
a day we all going to remember,
and we all going to remember what that old indian couple did too us poor innocent kids


we crash, we died but we survived

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