Saturday, February 27, 2010


here a little something that happen last night.

a friend of mine wanted to play squash that night,
since no one is quiet around( gone back home for the holidays)
so i decided too tag along.

here is the fact;

i never played squash before!!!

well, what the heck,
life is about facing new challange.
i ask my friend iskandar to teach me a few tricks and the regulation of the game

it's quite familiar with tennis except you are smashing the ball against the wall!!

the game were fun and really draining my every bit of energy fast...
(i get really hungry at the end of the game)
i was sweating more than when i played volleyball and tennis

its a nice and thrilling game.

i got to say i did like squash

and i did a pretty good job playing it for the first time.

here is the irony;

i won a match with iskandar in my first try!
iskandar was my coach a moment before but the moment after the student already surpass the master


the difference in our score was very small but winning a game really made me happy though

i'll think i would play squash some other time again soon.


sofia said...

hahha...u just don'y know till you try =) haha

Hafiy Halim said...

i did..
and i did pretty GOOD for a biginner