Monday, July 27, 2009

In Every Song

You know what??

The phrase;music in yourself

Everyone got a song of thier own right?

A sad song
A happy song
A peacefull song
A dramatic song
A lonely song

anything we can think off,
to be precise anything we FEEL.

People(singers and song composer) made their song from what happen and what they feel.
In other words they are expressing themselves in somehow, so many ways.

In someway, we leave by that.
We somehow can relate the songs with our lives.

Take an example;
Plain White T's beautiful song;1234
Spread the love! Just hearing it make us wanted to be love.

How about;
The man who can't be moved from The Script
Waiting for love one.
This song make you DETERMINED!

These example I have it from a friend.
I mean it apply to my friend.

If you ever came across this my friend well im sorie
keep on having FAITH!

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