Friday, July 31, 2009


How sweet it is or How bitter it is;THE TRUTH??

Pretty isn't it??

Heh! A colourful rose.

Life too can be that colourful.

Just like cookin'; just need some few ingredients to match an awesome delish taste. A one of a kind dish called hapiness.


Ok here's the thing,

I got a friend(well everbody got friends!) but this is his part of the story.

He were DAMN worried about his place.

I must say a situation which people believe to be stuck between something.

And yup! He's stuck between two friends.

One is his best friend and a close friend of his.

I told him not to worry so much though but sometimes we all get scared right??

And that friend of mine is an ordinary human being too.

BUT he was already tied by his feet.

What I'm trying to deliver is he already got a bestfriend.

And his principal is to stick to only one bestfriend.

It's his way of life. So no comments!!

Well, another friend of his in his college, a close friend of his.

They grew font to each other but my friend here can't take him as his bestfriend.

He would backstab his far away bestfriend.

SO he tells me about it. So i told him to tell him the truth!

And he did.Well at first it was a bogus! Seems like a mistake to told him the truth.

So i said;

"let him be... if he really does appreciates and love you. He'll come back for you even he knows he cant be you bestfriend."

And eventually it did.

----------------------------there's more--------------------------------------------------------

One day he send one particular message to this newly close friend of his.

the massage(apon traslation);

A black rose of the enemy

A pink rose of a special friend

A yellow rose of a friend

An orange rose of a caring person

A white rose of a bestfriend

A red rose of love

Which one were meant for me??

(SO, that's how the message would looks like in my MIND!!)

Then he got a reply;



For now on he had a happy life with all his friends.

He got a bestfriend.

And one close friend that love him a lot.

I envy him.

But mostly I'm happy for him.

And I told you so..

He'll come back to you.


If i meant the message to whom people I know readin this..

Which rose would you gave me??

From someone important;
I was given a yellow rose.

but it's a gift, so I'll wait for the time to see this flower bloom.

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