Friday, February 6, 2009

thats life alright!

Have u ever ask yurself,
how can a simple mistake,ruins everything?
Have u ever cried,
when the person that u loves,
cant believe,
the things that you've done,
but still u keep it as a big secret?
Have u ever question why does the good thing u did,
is seems like a worse thing to the others?
Sometimes you may ask urself,
"I should tell him/her bout this!"
but u keep afraid of hurting them even more.
istead u will keep asking them,
to keep on having faith on u.
its like, the-secret-that-should-never-be-told,
but sooner or later they still know it aite?
u cried in the night,
ur heart is restless,
ur head feeling dizzy,
ur got fainted,
but still,
u keep on holding on,
just bcoz of the one-day-will-come-happiness,
just becoz of u love them...

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