Saturday, December 24, 2016

I know its been a while since I wrote anything here

and there is probably nobody that reads this anyway,  which is good.

Because I need to write down what I am feeling but at the same time I don't want people to know that I feel this way.


I think I am slowly falling into depression. I guess faking smiles and acting like nothing happen kinda accelerate the falling process.

There is no explaining a specific cause of why I am feeling this way.  Somehow I feel like everything is conspiring against me.  I feel like nothing I do is good enough. Seems like everything I say somehow got drowned by the noises that is not my own. It's like having that nightmare where you keep on falling into the abyss where the falling never ends and the fear never stop terrorizing you.

I am losing my sense of self importance and self worth.  I feel neglected sometimes.  It's lonely.  There is something missing inside me but  I do not know what.

Is this normal? Am I normal?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ever felt stupid when all you do is care and try every possible way to help a person
yet all you got in return are shit?

well everyone when through this kind of person sooner or later
some even meet more than a few

the best possible way to counter what these kind of people in return is simply by doing even more nice things.

Try to avoid throwing shit back at them as revenge, especially not literally.

because it won't do any good.
try to keep calm and say this to yourself

"I will do my best to help this friend of mine, because I know Allah will reward me someday for my good will"


Friday, April 5, 2013

Raket Oren 10% Diskaun

Jadi pada awal minggu ini aku adalah ke MetroPlaza Kajang sejurus lepas kelas, dalam jam 12 tengahari gitu,
Niat ke sana untuk membeli raket squash.
maklumlah baru-baru nie aku terjebak dalam bermain squash
hujan je selalu jadi tak dapat keluar main bola keranjang sama Din et al.
Jadi jumpa hobi baru lah nie.

Aku dan Zahir je yang nak beli, yang lain tak ada bajet.
aku pulak ada bajet sebab bodek abah suruh bagi duit beli kasut tukar untuk beli raket nie

Sampai kat sana, ada dua raket jer yang menarik perhatian aku dan zahir
satu merah dan satu oren.
harga yang merah jauh lagi murah dari yang oren sebab ada 30% diskaun, manakala yang kuning hanya 10%
meskipun harga asalnya sama.

masalah yang timbul kiotrang dua-dua nak yang 30% tapi cuma ada satu je tinggal
dan Zahir dah memang bekenan dengan yang itu dulu sebab dia sudah 'survey' kedai ni dulu
maka tinggallah aku dilema sama ada nak beli raket oren ni atau tidak
lama jugak lah bediri tengok raket tu sahaja
(ada dekat 30 minit agaknya)

Hah! Ini lah Zahir

Zahir banyak kali juga lah tanya samada aku nak beli ke tak, sebab kalau aku tak beli kebarangkalian dia pun tak nak beli. 

Disebabkan jam 2 ada makmal, aku kira tak ada masa nak fikir lama-lama, tambahan aku Din dengan Zahir masing-masing lapar, belum makan dari pagi.

Akhirnya, aku beli juga raket oren yang cuma ada 10% diskaun.
dekat RM150 hilang. Maka maksudnya aku makan maggi saja lah nanti...

Paling best, petang tu terus main, mungkin sebab raket baru aku jadi semangat, dan pertama kali aku dapat kalahkan Zahir( tapi aku rasa beliau bagi peluang je tu, tak main betul-betul pun)
Malangnya itu sekali je lah menang, esok dan hari-hari seterusnya kalah teruk aku. hmmm

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You may now take a shit..wait what?!

Last week, two of my friends were late to class since we have a class before that and the lecturer didn't let us go 10 minutes early like they should have.
Hence when they arrived in class late, without haste the lecturer said this to them :

"WHY ARE YOU LATE?!" with an angry tone.

well there is no story here actually I wanted to tell but a question I would like to ask.

what would you answer to a lecturer when they ask you why are you late?

and here is what been bugging me...have anyone tried giving 'nature's call' as an excuse.
I can totally see that excuse help you out in answering the lecturer's question

let's imagine the conversation shall we? :


Hafiy : ehemm(clears throat)...well Dr, I have a very strong reason why I am 10 minutes late to class.. I was indeed were on my way here to your class but when suddenly something comes up... something were growling ferociously in my stomach, I thought I was hungry but I was wrong since I have already ate a bread before, but then I realised it wasn't hunger I was experiencing...it was Nature's calling. So, I HAD to make a stop to the nearest rest room, or water cabin if you like. It was so dire that it took me so long. Hence, that is why I am late. I was taking a shit. 

Lecturer :....!!

Hafiy : so are you gonna still gonna question me of why I am late or are you gonna question why human have to take a shit every now and then??

Lecturer : just forget it, and take your shit..eh?! I mean go on and take your seat

Hafiy : thank you for understanding my bowels reasons.

I guess if I were to say this to my lecturer they will admit me to the dean's office and make sure I got expel huh? Okay, maybe not a good reasons to give out maybe. haha. but it's sure gonna be funny though. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Meeting Point

This is from my facebook note, then I copy pasted it here too:

recently, i overheard my buddies talking bout how they meet one another 
I use the term 'overheard' because I didn't join the conversation due to busy day dreaming and 'termenung', thinking about the moth that nesting in my wallet, yes I am worried financially!
okay, back to the main story : how we meet one another. well it been quiet a while but the memories about us meeting each other remains in my head but blurry. Here are some of the ways and situation when I first meet some people I remembered;

Muadz Termizi : how could I forget? we spent a few mooment talking to know each other, then as being polite asking for his number because we're dorm mates. but he didn't gave it to me for some reason I didn't remember but one night he came and ask for my phone and return it back with a number showing in the phone screen :D, thats the start of our story, a complicated one but it work out in the end 

Zera Syahira : this one is interesting yet very memorable. the thing is we have not be given the chance to face one another. but we know each other through more advance and futuristic way. She know what I meant :))

Aminuddin Bazli : we actually first meet in a basketball field you know that? or am I wrong? it is either that or we are in the same in PRS? but nevertheless, we both alway have good fun around each other. every moment filled with laughter and joyful memories.

Amirul Rosli : We meet in a volley ball match, you were joining me naem izat and the rest while we were playing. In our second meeting you forgot my name already. but through you I meet Azri and Azyz (",)

Mustaqim Asim : He stayed just in front of my room in matriculation but I took a while for me to know him, but he first spoke to me in the toilet while Im brushing my teeth(not a good time to talk though) but I always thought he was older than me but instead we are in the same age.

Afeb Pilah : first meet him when he barge into my room and ask me and my roomates to fill some sort of form for my block(dorm). so outspoken and friendly, so it us just natural it is him who actually start to know me first. hehe

Firdaus Azhar : we been roomates before, I know I meet him along with Saiful and Irfan at the same time. We met in the DS I presume? it kinda blurry..hehe

Edy Ropli : my classmate maa! of coz we are close and all and by the way he is the only malay male there with me. haha.

Tya Shatirah : we met for the first time when we played volleyball right, power minah nie main
hahaha. plus she plays basketball too! I admire that in you. haha

Irwan Hamzah : I know this kid from matriculation but never seem to know him that much as he is. but since we get to the same U and same dorm plus a same floor, first time I did spoke to him in UKM is to borrow his calculator =___=
and plus from Irwan I know Syafiq mustafa

Azeem Azman : I know him a bit late since I switch course in UKM, we did not immediately know each other, but Fakhruddin is the one responsible in introducing Azeem to me, and later that I discovered that he too stayed at the same collage and floor with me =____=

Hafizuddin Hamdan : he came a day after I switch course, i kinda tease him to know him, saying I am his senior of one day in the class. we first meet in the lecture hall, learning Fundamental of Microbiology at the moment

Azuan Ayob : the most what should i say..hippy? jolly?person I ever known?..whatever it is, he is one of a kind! I first meet him when ammar ask me to ask him to look after my stuff while I was playing volley ball, ammar said he is trust worthy! hahaa. funny ea?

Shukri Zainal : a gentle friend in the inside, I first known him from Izzat Syafiq since the both classmates. I also know Azrin and Khoiri through Izzat Syafiq. If I am not mistaken we meet when I decided to join Izzat's study group

Sawfan Saifuddin : First meet him in a cafe in matriculation (cafe D), a friend of Na'em's from PLKN. Thats the start though

Hanif Razali : first meet him in the surau in Grik, since I'm the second intake and he is the first, he keep on scoring a few points of how life is there in Grik :)

Azuan M Nasib : the way we meet each other is quite imberassing for me, because I spill my red Buncho colour onto his white baju melayu. how could I ever forget that. the colour that initiate our meeting. hehe

Nor Hafiz : notice him BACK in matriculation. i known this guy from primary school, we were close i can say kot. but our reunion reside in the stairways to the doors of the library in my matriculation. a shocking reunion indeed! hahaha

Shana : the very first time, the very time we actually get to know each other is well, you guess it..drama! haha
drug dealer and the devil, i still remember the text you showed me just to ask question. funny lorh. hahaha. it was a blast that time

Asif : I also meet this guy from matriculation time. we played volleyball together. one hell of a player. and funny too when we were playing. he is fun to start with and end with

Nabil Basysar(Roy) : notice him before in his orientation week but truely known him starting from an interview with me interviewing him. I pronounce his name wrong though and were quickly corrected by him. I guess You dont like people mistaken your name with something else right? I know the feeling. haha

Nuha : a cousin of Mursyidah, came backfiring me whenever I mock Muryidah! We fought very often, but maybe that what make us bonded together. hahaha. I am not sure how we actually met, she was my classmate and cousin of a friend

Putri Awani : Kakak?! how we met ma? If I am not mistaken we know each other in our way back to KL in bus? well I know most of the "KL girls" in the bus! hahaha. but we share few likings. and we argue a lot! owh and we are in the same homeroom hence the term 'kakak' i just called her. betol kakak?? hehe

Fakhruddin Rostam : hmmmm... I cannot remember, but it in matriculation for sure, basketball court or dorm??? but not in UKM. Positive!

Luqmal Hadi : sitting one chair away, when I finally ask him to sit by me, and we started talking (I even ignore the friend sitting one the other side of me)...Luqma (the name registered in my phone when we exchange number)
mana buleh luper :DD

well that is some of it, to much to write and taip ler

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When I make a promise I tend and I will try my best of keeping it,
so there is a promise I made to a person in this place that I intend to keep,
I promise that after the years have exhausted, I will walk out.

and the time is coming to an end.
So better keep my distance now.